Championing the progress of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Established in 1952, Abdali Essa Al Nooh & Sons is one of Bahrain's oldest and most trusted companies. Specializing in the supply of high quality building materials, our company has built up a solid reputation spanning more than 60 years of innovation, growth and customer satisfaction.


Al Nooh

Quality, reliability, integrity and service have remained the cornerstones of our organization. With active research throughout international markets, Al Nooh is renowned for introducing new products, technologies and concepts in the Bahraini market. We are proud to have contributed to several high profile projects such as the Bahrain Financial Harbor and the Bahrain International Circuit.

Cut & Bend factory

Cut & Bend factory

State-of-the-art automated machines provide cut and bent steel to exact specifications to further enhance quality, processes and timelines. The factory provides a full range of essential solutions for modern steel reinforced concrete structures. Our highly trained engineers work towards the future to provide simple and effective solutions to complex issues while achieving optimal use of materials to produce minimum wastage. Since installing our first cutting-edge machines in 2007, we have remained one step ahead in the industry.

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Established in 1975, Al Nooh’s Industrial Services operates a state-of-the-art sharpening, re-tipping and welding facility for all kinds of work tools and blades. We provide our clients with access to highly trained and well-equipped professionals who help them in maintaining their tools and saws in superior condition.



Introduced in 1977, Al Nooh Fencing is primarily involved in the manufacture and marketing of PVC coated galvanized chain link fencing and barbed wire. Using highly advanced technology and processes, Al Nooh Fencing can customize its products to suit specific client requirements. Over the years, Al Nooh Fencing has worked with a number of prominent clients such as BAPCO, Al Areen Wildlife Park and BAS (Bahrain Airport Services).

Plain & Corrugated Sheets

Plain & Corrugated Sheets

Al Nooh’s latest line of product in the building materials’ market is the production of plain and corrugated GI sheets. We provide them in various lengths, thickness and in several colors, including a galvanized finish. Al Nooh has partnered with leading producers of GI coils such as SABIC & UNICOIL, from Saudi Arabia, and GARMCO, from the Kingdom of Bahrain, in producing aluminum corrugated sheet as well.

Al Nooh’s contact details

Manama Headquarters
Tel: 973 17 253994
Fax: 17 274685

Accounts Department

Tel: 17 257510 - 17 239494
Fax: 17 262322 - 17 266626

Shaikh Hamad Avenue
PO Box 320
Kingdom of Bahrain

Contact our branches

Budaiya branch:

Building 1168, Road 4745
Block 547, Qurrayah
Tel: 17 691214 - 17 694651
 Fax: 17 694177

Zinj branch:

Building 273, Road 5909
Block 359, Zinj
Tel: 17 263239   
Fax: 17 233114

Hamad Town branch:

Store 3276, Road 106
Block 1203, Hamad Town
Tel: 17 412108
Fax: 17 412651

Jid Ali branch:

Building 311, Raod 77
Block 721, Jid Ali
Tel: 17 687561
Fax: 17 687561

Muharraq branch:

Building 310, Road 509
Block 205, Muharraq
Tel: 17 325111
Fax: 17 325111

Wahran branch:
Building 76, Road 314
Block 303, Naim
Tel: 17 256810
Fax: 17 256959
Salmabad branch:

Building 852, Road 415
Block 704, Salmabad
Tel: 17 877288
Fax: 17 877228

Riffa branch:
Building 1428, Road 1702
Block 917, Riffa
Tel: 17 769394
Fax:  17 769282

Contact our subsidiaries

Cut & Bend Steel Factory:

Building 1155, Road 4745
Block 547, Qurrayah
Tel: 17 694999 - 17 797799
Fax: 17 694942

Industrial Services:

Tel: 17 691214
Fax: 17 694177


Tel: 17 691214 - 17 694651

Plain & Corrugated Sheets Facility:

Tel: 17 691214 - 17 694651

Al Nooh Wood Design W. L. L.

Building 1168, Road 4745
Block 547, Qurrayah
PO Box 31355,

Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17 691166
Fax: 17 691155